The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation

Design and administer grantmaking programs in the areas of type 2 diabetes/obesity prevention and Alzheimer's disease/caregiving.  Consultation activities include stakeholder convenings, proposal solicitation and review, grants management and dissemination of successes and lessons learned.

Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools

Maximize Thriving School’s impact through strategic planning, strategy assessment, and identification of emerging opportunities.  Topic areas include: social and emotional wellness, healthy eating and physical activity, staff wellness, school based health centers, and youth, parent and community engagement.  Program elements designed and managed by Ad Lucem include school health mini grants and wellness champion awards.

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Inform the LA DPH Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention through strategic planning, case study development, and quantitative and qualitative data analysis to describe community-based policy, systems and environmental change efforts.  Topic areas include: diabetes prevention, healthy food procurement, community gardens, school wellness, joint use, and obesity prevention and nutrition education. 

Center for Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention

Provide Santa Clara County Public Health Department’s CDIP with strategic planning consultation to: prioritize goals and objectives; define CDIP role in collaborations with a broad array of partners; identify proven approaches to be replicated across CDIP’s programs; and develop mechanisms for disseminating achievements and best practices.  Recent projects include strategic planning and meeting facilitation for the County Diabetes Prevention Initiative and a series of capacity building trainings for community based organizations.

Safe Routes to School National Partnership

Conducted an evaluation of the Safe Routes to School National Partnership work in California.  Findings informed program development and guided strategy refinement.

Marin Community Foundation

Designed a Healthy Eating Active Living grantmaking framework for the Marin Community Foundation.  Consulting activities included convening key stakeholders, identifying priority funding areas, and developing strategies with maximum potential for measurable impact.

Santa Clara County Public Health Department Executive Leadership Team

Designed and facilitated a process for building a shared executive leadership vision for advancing an upstream, population health focus while working within a rapidly changing health and hospital delivery system.

Kaiser Permanente Northern California Region

Developed an integrated community benefit grantmaking framework for Kaiser Permanente's Northern California Region, guiding Kaiser Permanente on aligning its grantmaking with the Region’s priority health needs and coordinating investments across the Region’s service areas.

S.D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation

Served as program manager for the S.D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation’s Oakland Unified School District Wellness Champion Initiative to create healthy schools.  Lisa Craypo led the initiative design and Ad Lucem supported the Foundation by convening grantees and the technical assistance team, tracking grantee progress, overseeing the Initiative’s external evaluator, and disseminating Initiative successes and lessons learned.

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii

The Affordable Care Act requires non-profit hospitals to complete a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) every three years to identify and address community health needs.  Ad Lucem developed Kaiser Permanente Hawaii’s CHNA Report and Implementation Plan, including synthesis of secondary and primary data, needs prioritization, and identification of assets and implementation strategies.

Kaiser Permanente Central Valley Area

Developed CHNAs and Implementation Strategy Plans for the Stanislaus, San Joaquin and Fresno County Kaiser Permanente facilities.     

Sutter Health Memorial Medical Center

Prepared the CHNA.  Activities included quantitative data review, focus group and stakeholder interview data collection and analysis, and presentation of findings to hospital leadership to inform prioritization of health needs.  In addition, Ad Lucem reviewed the hospital’s past grantmaking to report progress made on meeting priority health needs.

San Francisco Department of Public Health

Guided the Community Health Equity & Promotion branch to develop a chronic disease “roadmap” that maximizes chronic disease prevention through community engagement, policy, environment and systems change, program integration and organizational capacity building.  Consultation activities included retreat design and facilitation, an on-line survey, key informant interviews and action recommendations.

David and Lucile Packard Foundation

The Foundation’s early childhood nutrition efforts promote optimal child development through good nutrition.  Ad Lucem conducted a landscape analysis to identify key issues, best practice strategies and leaders in the field to inform Foundation grantmaking. 

Traffic Safe Communities Network

Guided the Santa Clara County Traffic Safe Communities Network membership through a planning process to develop a steering committee, create shared objectives and identify strategic approaches. 

California Project LEAN/Public Health Institute

Provided technical assistance and consultation on food and beverage policy work.  Activities included review of nutrition standards for competitive foods and beverages, development of informational materials, acting as liaison to state and national advocacy groups, and providing nutrition expertise.

Bay Area Nutrition and Physical Activity Collaborative

Led a number of evaluations for BANPAC’s Organizational Policy Change Initiative to decrease access to sugar sweetened beverages.

Farm Fresh to You  

Provided technical assistance to this Community Supported Agriculture service for their market research, including survey development, focus group protocol design, and analysis of focus group findings.